I was born in Orange County California to parents who preferred a life of travel..

I spent many of my childhood - early adult years living in cities near the West Coast and in the Midwest..

Eventually,  I put down roots in Texas, near Galveston..This region has been my home for the last 32 years..

I raised my two sons while working as an RN in trauma critical care. I discovered early on that I needed to pour my frustrations and joys into 
a creative outlet.

Photography is my favorite method of artistic expression, because it is readily affordable and accessible to me..

After making sure that my camera is loaded and ready to use, I spring into action..

The choice of subject in my photo depends upon my mood and what I see in front of me...

Sometimes I travel to distant locations to find my subject matter, other times I am inspired by the ordinary things I see in my home, yard or 

I especially love shooting seascapes at sunrise or sunset. 

I like to shoot my photos with digital SLR cameras as well as film cameras.

Through my lens, I can share my life as I see it.

Interacting with others in the arts community has always been very gratifying for me..

I enjoy displaying my work at local galleries, events around town, and online.

My hope is that my art will inspire people to appreciate the world around them.
LIVE where you feel a sense of belonging..
LOVE bravely..
LAUGH often..
Keep swimming when times are difficult..
Soar when life is a breeze...

~Lisa Comperry ~
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