Meet Romeo Robin..I met him on Valentine's Day 2016..He visited me for that entire week..The weather was glorious, allowing me to do lots of patio time in my back yard..I watched Romeo and his female companion search for food and nesting supplies..I was thankful that this magnificent creature wasn't fearful of my presence...
I enjoy walking and birdwatching at my favorite parks..On this day I got lucky....I saw several 
families of ducks in the grassy areas near the water..Baby ducks were everywhere! 
It didn't take me long to gain their trust..
In this scene, these babies had gotten the signal from their mama (or papa) to hit the water pronto !
This baby duck wasn't as camera shy as his siblings and cousins...
During another nature walk I came upon a flock of buzzards..This group of birds was also very trusting..This guy or gal was a natural at posing for me..
I live on the coast, so beach birds are very abundant in my area...
One of my favorite bird photos..I shot this pic during a visit to the Houston Zoo..
Backyard hummingbirds
Baby ducks enjoying a spring day..

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