"And into the forest I go 
to lose my mind, 
and find my soul." 

I flew to Colorado to visit my sister and her family (late summer 2013), for the first time.They had just moved there..On this day we hiked some trails and drove to many of their favorite hangouts to show me around :-)
One of my most unforgettable moments happened during my 2016 visit to Colorado..I was spending time with my sister..Mind you, this Texas girl does not get to see snow in her neck of the woods..On the first day of my visit, shortly after my sister and I woke up, she got a call from my brother in law..He was on his way to work, when he spotted something unusual happening at a park he passes by daily...... A herd of bison were frolicking in the snow..These bison reside at Bison Overlook Park, not far from
my sister's neighborhood...Bison Overlook is 20 miles west of
Denver Colorado..The park staff maintain this herd of bison who are direct descendants of the last wild herd of bison in the US. These magnificent creatures come from a herd of 7 bison brought from Yellowstone Park in 1914..Normally these bison like to stay hidden from view....Needless to say, after my sister finished her phone conversation with my brother in law, she and I collected our camera gear and swiftly made our way to this park.We had a great time watching the Bison frolic in the snow..
Evergreen Colorado....
In March of 2014 I went to TN to spend time with my mom..One morning we were chatting over coffee when Mom drew my attention to what was happening outside..It had been rainy all morning...I looked up and outside her windows..I was excited about what I saw, so I stepped outside ..Jazzy the neighbor's horse and I said "hi" to each other in the snow and thunder....This was the first snowstorm I had experienced in a decade..
Mom's pear trees had already bloomed before my March visit..This is a view of those flowers through my lens..After the storm was over, the sun had begun to peek out from the clouds..
By late afternoon, the snow on the ground had already melted..As I walked to the lake (at the end of Mom's street), I was treated to this view of the sunset...
At dusk after the above sunset..This lake is at the end of Mom's street...
One of my favorite parks in Colorado..About an hour away from my sister's house..

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